What Should You Expect From Your Lawyer?

The Lawyer-Client Relationship.

Our firm takes pride in being accessible to clients and acting as a resource to those seeking legal assistance. If you have questions or have encountered a legal situation, please contact us to set up a consultation. We are happy to spend some time talking with you and providing general answers to general questions. If you would like specific legal recommendations or advice, we first need to establish a lawyer-client relationship.

  • The Lawyer’s Role. When faced with a legal issue, a person should consider hiring a lawyer. The lawyer’s job is to analyze the circumstances, set expectations for possible outcomes, and navigate solutions based upon their client’s well-informed intentions. A lawyer understands how the law applies to specific facts and ensures their client’s interests are protected.
  • Hiring the Right Lawyer. Before hiring a lawyer, you should consider their background, qualifications, and experience in the particular legal field. You should feel comfortable talking with the lawyer about your questions and concerns, and acting upon their advice.
  • As a client, you should expect your lawyer to:
    •  Be knowledgeable in the law and skilled at applying the law to your specific circumstances;
    •  Be loyal to you and protect your interests;
    •  Provide a good work product and give good advice;
    •  Keep your confidences secret; and,
    •  Charge a reasonable fee.
    There are some lawyers who will act as their client’s order-taker, and proceed regardless of whether such actions are in their client’s best interest. We believe a lawyer should instead evaluate a client’s legal interests and make recommendations based upon that client’s specific circumstances. The client should then be able to rely upon the lawyer’s experience, expertise and training before deciding how best to proceed.
  • As lawyers, we expect our clients to:
    • Be honest with us;
    • Cooperate and follow our advice (most of the time);
    • Appreciate and respect the quality and level of service provided; and,
    • Pay fees and costs in a timely manner. If you believe Mark Gray Law would be a good fit for your legal needs, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

If you believe Mark Gray Law would be a good fit for your legal needs, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

1. At the time a lawyer-client relationship is established, the lawyer is required to keep their client’s confidential information secret, protect their client’s legal interests, and produce a good work product. Once the client hires a lawyer, they are required to pay the lawyer for their time, advice and work product. “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.” Abraham Lincoln.

2. See “Choosing and Working with a Lawyer,” prepared by the 2019 Iowa Supreme Court Disciplinary Board, for additional information.

3. The terms “lawyer” and “attorney” have historical differences but are now used interchangeably.

4. A la carte legal advice, computer programs, and templates purchased online are not substitutes for a lawyer’s consultation, investigation, and recommendations.