Probate Estates

Decedents' Estates and Probate



Our experienced attorneys work closely with fiduciaries in estate and probate matters of all kinds, providing guidance necessary to make sure that assets are properly identified, all necessary documents and tax returns are filed, all costs of administration and taxes are paid, and that beneficiaries receive their designated share.


  • Estate administration (i.e., probate)
  • Estate and trust accounting
  • Preparation of federal estate tax returns, including to elect spousal portability
  • Preparation of Iowa inheritance tax returns
  • Assistance with fiduciary income tax returns
  • Assistance with will contests
  • Advice and assistance regarding:
    • effect of title to real estate and other assets, including joint tenancy;
    • effect of payable on death or transfer on death clauses and beneficiary designations;
    • qualified disclaimers; and,
    • post-mortem estate tax planning.

Representative Client

  • Individuals and families who have lost a loved one and need assistance through the probate process, including:
    • High net worth individuals with federal estate tax liability and,
    • Individuals with Iowa inheritance tax liability.
    • "Typical" or "Blended" family issues.
  • Individuals claiming to have been treated unfairly or improperly by an executor of an Estate.

Cases and Transactions

  • Used disclaimers and an amendment to decedent's testamentary trust to reduce one estate's federal estate tax liability from an initial estimate of $240,000 to $0.